Despite, the old religious scripts are persistent once yet nothing permanent in across the holy scripts due to the recent Callier alarm looms in across the world. As result of that, apart from my journalism profession I’m also a new researcher academically whose mission is to write a new religion holy script in which supposed being all over the world at least the next two years ahead.

The Religious dispatches are those sacred and central to the holy teachings of almost every given religion. It significantly as these dispatches transport spiritual truth, establish a connection with the celestial, substitute communal identity, and provide the promotion of mystical experiences and spiritual practices.

Nevertheless, there ongoing human being engagement holy manual testaments ahead though no one knows how they have supposed to come and when exactly is scheduled to meet but it needs to quota what we have learnt from the past experiences including the one I’m now recollecting her dispatches and from through poems and songs.

Likely poems and songs empower society and deliver knowledge to their hearts as the beliefs, values and ideas of religious traditions have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to the development of human societies and cultures.

My research initiative, the World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) in cooperation with SOWMESHA University her lower chamber department on the soil are continuing to advertise and collect the global songs audios and videos materially in order to investigate their messages and do monitoring and evaluation fairly in appropriate temptation periods ahead.

Started from 2014 since now, nearby one-hundred countries are the first target group by collecting their songs and poems while the main value is 50 nation’s from the entire world territories including England UK, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Turkey, China, France, India, Italy, Brazil,Somaliland,Eritrea,Saudi-arabia,Poland,Russia, Ukrain, ,Iraq,Libya,Egypt,Japan,Austria,Pakistan,Iran,Palastine,Germany,Netherland,Finland ,Australia,Indonisia,Malaysia,Kenya,Senegal,Ghana,Nigeria,Israel,Djibouti,Chat, Namibia,Mozambique,Niger,Togo,Rwanda,Syria,Lebanon,Myanmar,Kashmir,Taiwan,Chili,Zimbabwe,Argentina,Peru,Panama,Colombia,Greece and the United States.

Temptationally, the project duration deadline will be on 2024 while the core value is to find good religious dispatches and well been news from the above nations in order to resettle a good holy religion script from different sights with different societies.

For more details and interviews please don’t hesitate to contact with Rev. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud at or visit: .

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