The mission of WOFEJ is to improve public understanding of environmental and cultural issues worldwide by supporting environmental and intercultural journalists internationally through networking, education and fostering open access to environmental information.

The SOWMESHA University and the World Federation of Environmental and Intercultural Journalists (WOFEJ) have partnered to commission environmental and intercultural journalists to contribute in-depth, independent reporting on sustainable development. This partnership was created within, and is supported by, the International Media Society Industry (IMSI).

The reason being behind WOFEJ Strategically is that the media practitioners face the challenge to identify resources that could provide early notification about developing stories related to humanity issues; background information; and timely, accurate reports about human kind’s events existing in their livelihoods. As well as to limit the lack of specialized group of media professionals who are responsible human kinds intercultural issues reporting that might compromise accuracy or carefulness in reporting the topic.

The World Federation of Environmental and Intercultural Journalists (WOFEJ) is recently started membership recruiting both organizational and individual membership status members.

For more details you can be reached WOFEJ Press Freedom and Development Unit at or visit

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