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The projects of WOFEJ will be under review until 2030 but it will be seven projects with different aims and backgrounds on the current indigenous knowledge for our environmental culture and reports based on Intercultural issues only….!

for more details you can be reached on projects@wofij.org



The World Federation Environmental and of Intercultural Journalists (WOFEJ) has come up with a strategic plan for PCVE reportage and training in order to reframe the media professional’s knowledge for the subject.

WOFIJ’s first plan is E-learning programme on the PCVE through the media industry from national, regional and global level in order to make sure the media professional’s capacity knowledge on the topic.


As part of the design of the PCVE Media Strategy Study, the facilitators asked for regular feedback on the E-days, including what went well and what needed further clarification & improvement.

On the future periods, the facilitation method featured interactive learning and participatory approach through presentations by experts, roundtable discussions with the whole groups, small group work, and joint presentations by participants. The project aimed to build skills and confidence through active learning where skills were demonstrated by facilitators and practiced by the participants. The project also featured a joint development of lesson plans by the participants, as well as a personal activity statement committing to follow up work.

Obviously WOFEJ is looking for donor supports and sponsorship facilities from UN-agencies, Universities, Foundations, Inter-governmental organizations and governments in order to develop her members and the non-member journalists around the world. This project is under process and it will started on May 3, 2024.

The Golden Sponsors Benefits: 

Our Gold Sponsors provide $5,000 to the organization. They will have their logo, paper presentation and a company description and advertisement banners.

Silver Sponsors Benefits:

The silver sponsors will be media companies and organizations, the printing press companies, Education and Research institutions including universities and humanitarian Aid organizations as they will provides goods or services in lieu of direct financial support. As result of that, they will provide materials including videos, knowledge handbooks and boosters. They will have their logo on the books, paper presentations and on board-bannership image  approach and equal consultative participation rights during the project implementation.

For more details and comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at pfdu@wofij.org or projects@wofij.org

The Current Sponsor and Donor Partners: