Although, WOFEJ is a global media inter-governmental union by development & education organization. We strive for media professionals & citizens prosperous at all levels and that encourage all who engage in journalism to take responsibility for the information they provide, regardless of extraordinary. It had a very beautiful and collaborative department entitled PRESS FREEDOM AND DEVELOPMENT UNIT (PFDU) and is the only sector that reconnects WOFEJ and the CSOs worldwide.

The WOFEJ-PFDU is also the office responsible for the global Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals dissemination and advertisement through the media outlets and within the CSOs themselves. It promotes the PCVE programme expansion and furnishing via training and awareness means.

The World Federation of Environmental and Intercultural Journalists (WOFEJ) is promoting the SDGs implementation without condition in cooperation with local, regional and international education and civil society institutions and organizations including the UN agencies and donors.

For more details you can reachout the department via at